Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa Reviews

Review score: 9.0/10 – Updated August, 2022

Latest Price: £399.00

Find out why Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa scored an incredible review score of 9.0 out of 10.

Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa Review

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The first part of any of our reviews is to consider the quality of the product. When considering quality, there are a number of areas that should be looked at.

The first is brand. Looking at the brand of the product is often a really good indicator for judging product quality. For example you’d expect a much higher quality product from a brand known for providing excellent quality than you would from an unknown or even a budget brand.

Next up is material. Read through the product description for Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa to get an understanding of the materials the product is made from. Some materials will obviously be known for delivering better quality item than others. You might also have decided that you’ll only accept a product made from a particular material.

Then we’re on to the product’s features. Read through the product description provided by Argos to see what the key features are for Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa. This is great for getting a really quick idea of the quality just by seeing the sort of quality you can expect.

Price is another really important factor for analysing the quality of Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa vs other products in the Sofas category. It’s obvious, but you will need to set your expectations of quality based on your budget and the price of the product you’re looking at, against the price of alternatives.

More information on quality can be found in this old but still very helpful article from Harvard Business Review.

So let’s carry on with our Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa review and explore the product’s pricing.

Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa Pricing

As you can imagine, pricing is one of the most important factors of any purchasing decision. We can find the perfect product for our needs, that fits the brief in every single way. But if it doesn’t fit our budgets, we simply can’t (or at least shouldn’t) buy it.

So we’re going to look at the price of Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa and see how it stacks up against some of the competition or even alternative products from Habitat. We’ll also consider other products that might be suitable from within the Sofas category.

Just before we get into the detail of analysing the price of this product, we want to briefly highlight the importance of setting yourself a budget before you spend too much time shopping around for a suitable product. It’s all too often that we get carried away when shopping and find ourselves buying a fantastic product, but probably actually overdelivers on what we need and therefore costs a lot more than we should have spent. So spend a bit of time looking around at the sort of price you can expect to pay for products in the Sofas category and use that alongside your own financial situation to set yourself a budget.

Then stick to the budget.

Price of Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa

We run regular scans across some of the top retailers in the UK for our product reviews. Our price checking tool found that one of the best prices currently available is from Argos. On our last check Argos was selling Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa for just £399.00. Based on this price against the average price you can expect to pay for similar products we scored it 8.8 out of 10 for price.

Price in the Sofas category

The next step for us was to look at all of the products that fall within the Sofas category, of which we found 266 products at Argos. So we pulled together all of the prices of these products to analyse the average prices as well as finding the cheapest and most expensive options.

The average price of the products was £579.77, making it 579.77 at £399.00.

We then explored the price variance of similar products to see just how cheap or expensive you could get an alternative product. The highest priced item we found to fit the brief of being in the same category as Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa was £1400.00 and the lowest was £150.00.

Of the 266 products, we discovered that 205 were more expensive and 60 were cheaper than Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa.

Prices from Habitat

The next step after looking at products in the same category, was to look at products from the same brand, Habitat.

We found 282 products available at Argos from Habitat. The average price of those products was £144.81 which makes Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa above average in comparison.

Again we looked at how much the prices can vary. You’ll be interested to learn that the most expensive we found from Habitat was £1300.00 and cheapest we found during our scan was £5.00. 21 of the items we found were more expensive and 259 were cheaper.

Price of Habitat products in the Sofas category

The next step was to try and narrow down our search even more. So we’ve already looked the prices of products in the Sofas category. Then we’ve also looked at the prices of products from Habitat. So this step combines the two and looks specifically at the price you’d expect to pay for Habitat branded products in the Sofas category.

There were 26 products identified that fit this criteria at Argos, with an average price of £593.38, which makes Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa below average.

The most expensive item we found on our search was £1300.00 whilst the lowest price we found £250.00.

From the 26 we identified, we found that 16 were more expensive and 9 were cheaper.


It’s why you’re here, so you’re obviously aware of how important reviews are in the buying process. This is even more important for those of us that tend to shop online more often now, as we don’t get to see the product in person first. Reading reviews can provide a fantastic alternative to being able to actually see and try the product for yourself.

It’s also great to read customer reviews because they’re unbiased and because they don’t come direct from the retailer or manufacturer they’re really honest insights into a product.

When looking through the customer reviews of Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa, there were lots of really positive comments, so we’ve scored it Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa 8.8 out of 10, based on a number of different variables from customer feedback through to the price, overall quality and the brand.

As you can imagine, without you, the buyers of these products, leaving reviews we wouldn’t have the great amount of information on the products like Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa that we do now. So a plea from us, if you do go on to buy this product or even an alternative product, do leave a review. You can drop us a comment here so that customers just like you can read it. Or via the usual means of leaving a review on the product page of the retailer you bought the item from.


The brand of product you buy can vary in importance, from person to person. Some people will of course be much more particular about the brands they will use. Whilst others aren’t interested in the brand and are more interested in the overall quality or price of the product itself. Thankfully Habitat is a brand that many customers have grown to love over the years and is very popular for items in the Sofas category.

If the brand you buy is important to you, our best advice is to spend some time writing up your own list of ideal brands. That way when you come to the point where you’re comparing product options you can filter to only show the products from brands in your list.

Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa Review

Video reviews of Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa

Videos are another great source for reviews of Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa especially if you can find a review where someone is doing a hands-on review and shows you the product and its features and benefits. Below we’ve run a search for reviews of Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa on YouTube.


Overall we’re really impressed with Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa and that shows in our overall score of 9.0/10. The reason for such a high score is because the product just seems to tick the boxes in all areas from quality to price.

Considering it’s available for just £399.00 we felt that it’s a real deal to be grabbed from Argos if you can.

Further product details

  • Product ID 1: 8340298
  • Brand: Habitat
  • MPN: 8340298

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Thanks again for dropping by to check out our Habitat Vienna 2 Seater Velvet Sofa reviews today. Make sure you head over and read more reviews over at Argos and don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts if you do buy it.

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